The Labrador Retriever Club of Ireland


Code of Ethics

Section 1 – Undertaking.


 Each person, once accepted as a member of The Labrador Retriever Club of Ireland, shall in addition to agreeing to be bound by the Constitution and Rules of the Club, be  also bound by the Code of Ethics relating to Responsible Dog Ownership, including the keeping, welfare, breeding, selling and disposing of dogs by members to the effect of the terms and conditions set out under section 2 hereof.



Section 2 – Compliance with Code of Ethics.


• I shall ensure that at all times all dogs under my control are properly housed, fed, watered, exercised   and receive proper Veterinary attention, if and when required.

• I shall not allow any dogs under my care to roam at large and when in public places shall ensure they are leashed as required or under effectual control at all times.

• I shall breed in accordance with the breed standard and endeavour  to improve the breed ensuring the health of the progeny.

• I shall not mate from any bitch kept by me (a) under one year of age, (b) or over eight years of age, (c) for not more than six litters, (d) or dogs over the age of twelve years. Permission must be sought and granted by the Irish Kennel Club to exceed these provisions.

• I shall not permit any of my pure bred dogs to be mated except to a dog of the same breed, without the consent of the Irish Kennel Club.

• I shall ensure that all persons acquiring dogs from me clearly understand their responsibilities for the care and welfare of the animal and that they have the time and facilities to fulfil their obligations to the dogs.

• I shall provide to all purchasers of dogs or dogs placed by me, written details of all dietary and immunization requirements and/or an appropiate publication relating to such and shall make them aware of their responsibilities as dog owners to the community at large.

• I shall not knowingly sell or gift any dog to unethical dealers, or directly or indirectly to allow a dog to be given as a prize or donation in a contest of any kind.

• I shall not knowingly misrepresent  the characteristics of the breed, or falsely advertise , or mislead any person regarding the dog.

• I shall ensure when selling or transferring a dog to another person, that all documents as provided and required by the Irish Kennel Club will be supplied to the purchaser or transferee.



Section 3- Failure to Comply.


• Any person failing to observe any provision of the Code of Ethics may be

delt with under the Disciplinary Rules of the Irish Kennel Club.  


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